Cypress TX Kitchen Disposal Services

cypress tx diposal repairThe kitchen garbage disposal, also called waste disposal unit or food waste disposer, is an essential part of most modern homes, adding incredible convenience to kitchen clean up activities. Instead of pitching left over food and having it accumulate and smell in your trash, which attracts pests, you can just put it down the garbage disposal. Sometimes problems can occur with the garbage disposal, however, requiring replacement.

A garbage disposal is an electric device which is installed under a kitchen sink. Its purpose is to shred food waste into small enough bits that they can successfully pass through your plumbing system. It is surprising how much waste in a household amounts to food scraps—between 10% and 20%. Many people don't realize that a garbage disposal is only designed to handle light food pieces. If you put too much food in all at once it can easily overpower your garbage disposal. If you do happen to overwhelm your garbage disposal, resulting in drainage issues, it can be not only a major inconvenience but cause serious damages as well. Anyone knows a sink that doesn't drain properly can be a real annoyance, but if it's leaking into the cabinets under the sink then it can also cause considerable damages to the wood and items below.

If you are facing issues with your kitchen sink—if it isn't draining right—it is probably caused by a garbage disposal that is not functioning correctly. Several common problems which arise when a garbage disposal isn't working include things like: a bad odor that can't be removed, failure to turn on, leaking, clogging due to food, jamming, or draining slowly. Any one of these problems could be connected to others, and should be resolved. Oftentimes the best way to handle disposal issues is just to replace the kitchen disposal with a new one that functions efficiently.

Leaks can arise from several different places. If there is a leak around the top of the appliance it can possibly damage the items and wood beneath the sink. A garbage disposal can also leak around the drain line which is attached to the dishwasher as well as the waste drain line. In such situations the easiest and best option is replacing the garbage disposal.

If there is a jammed grinding blade this will most likely result in a sink that is either slow to drain or fails to drain altogether. This can be caused either by putting the wrong kind of food into the disposal, like bones and potato peals, which can damage or tangle the blades, or else by overloading the disposal with too much food. Cooking grease followed by hot water can also cause draining issues.

Whatever problem you may be facing with your garbage disposal, we have experts who are experienced in this line of work. They understand the mechanics and properties associated with garbage disposals and their expertise allows them to replace kitchen disposals easily and correctly. When a disposal is incorrectly installed leaks can occur, which might be the reason why you are trying to replace it in the first place. Whatever your need may be you can count on us to get the job done right the first time so you will no longer face any kitchen sink inconveniences.